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Welcome To EZE Ways 

Welcome to the EZE WAYS (A Unit Of Aagazz Creation) By Choosing EZE WAYS You have taken a right decision in your life. 

You are joining EZE WAYS which is going to create HISTORY IN THE Multi-Level Marketing Business. We have brought about a LOW-COST CONCEPT that has the power to radically change your LIFE STYLE . 

Our Vision

Our vision is to attract engage and delight our members by sharing our experience that are relevant, helpful with all tools, training to build a successful business.   Our focus is to provide world class product to our customers and International standard Services, Training, Teaching and Orientation Programmers to our distributors so that they achieve the greater heights of success.

Business Plan:

Ezeways is a unique & Profitable business plan in which you have right to choose your target ourselves. There is no target set by the company. We have a very Easy plan where every person get income easily. 

Benefits Of Plan 

1. Registration Free 

2. Upgrade ID with just Rs./100 

3. You will get online Videos for your Proffesional Training. 

  7 level Income

Level Rs.

1        30

2         20

3         10

4          5

5          5

6         3

7         2 

–> Unlimited direct joining is allowed. 

–> 10% of earning of the direct joining for lifetime.

 Reupgrade option with just Rs. 200/-Reupgrade Income

Free Classified panel to advertise Your business & services to all members. 

Repurchase level Income

Level Rs.

1          50

2           30

3           20

4           20

5           20

6            10

7            10


a) 15% deduction for repurchase & 5% TDS on each earning. 

b) Minimum withdrawal of Rs. 200 on withdrawal request. 

c) Payment will transfer on each wednesday & Saturday (NEFT charges Rs. 5 will be deducted.)   

  Other Benefits

 1. Make Pin From Repurchase income 

2. Transfer Amount to Other Member (minimum 200) 

Earning Chart

Level Members Earning (INR)

1st Level 10 300/- Rs

2nd Level 100 2000/- Rs

3rd Level 1000 10,000/- Rs

4th Level 10,000 50,000/- Rs

5Th Level 1,00,000 5,00,000/- Rs

6Th Level 10,00,000 30,00,000/- Rs

7Th Level 1,00,00,000 2,00,00,000/- Rs

 Earning from total joining is Rs. 2,35,62,300/- and apart from that you have referred 10 peoples from which 10% referral income from each member will be Rs. 3,56,230/- and total is 2,39,18,530/- Rs.  

 Just Think that if only 50% people of your team has done reupgrade with Rs. 200/- then your earning will be double & triple.

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Contact Us  


                       Naya Tola, Ward No. – 34 

                                 Katihar, Bihar 

                                    Contact No

                                +91 777 996 6776 

                                 +91 943 161 9321 

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