Short biography of the most courageous women of the world – Helen Keller

​ CourageThe ability to do your best in the face of odds. In this article, you will read about three women who exemplified courage in their own special way.Helen Keller’s name is synonymous with courage. 

Helen lost her sight and hearing as a toddler after what is believed to have been a severe attack of scarlet fever. Living in a silent and dark world, she soon forgot the few words she had learnt.

When Helen was seven, Anne Sullivan came to teach her. She first disciplined young Helen’s violent temper and then taught her to communicate in a world of sight and sound.

Helen dreamt big. Overcoming her physical challenge was not her only goal. She dreamt of a better future for others. She wanted people who were blind to be able to live naturally and to be treated as human beings. Throughout her life she worked to make this dream come true. She did this by writing articles regularly about people who were blind and the special problems they faced.

Realizing that people were curious about her world, Helen decided to give lectures to further the cause of the blind. In her first speech,she spoke about how we should make use of all our senses including our heart and hand to really appreciate the world around us.

Helen Keller always spoke on behalf of the people who were blind and deaf-blind. To this end, she became a member of the American Foundation for the Blind. She toured the length and breadth of the country to raise money for the Foundation. She won the support of wealthy business leaders like Henry Ford and John D. Rockefeller. Herfund-raising also took her to the White House.

TIME magazine named Helen Keller as one of the 100 most influentialpeople of the twentieth century. Helen rose above her challenges.Her inspirational life has made her a symbol of hope and courage for people all over the world. She reminds one that there is nothing one can’t do if one has the will.



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